About Us

  • Daniel Loo
    Senior product engineer and shop manager RV

    I’m 26 years old. I am the shop manager and head mechanic

    I spend every spare minute learning and riding bikes perfecting my technical skills and catching up on the latest novelties in the market. Would take willingly any technical challenge. I take pride in bike workmanship and wish that others in Singapore would too.

    In Byx I found a home, an opportunity to promote cycling in Singapore and especially bike services to new heights.

  • Benson Ng
    Product engineer RV

    40 Year old, My passion is cycling and bicycle workmanship. I have spent most of my recent cycling years as a triathlete and participated in numerous competitions and events in the region.

    My passion and the opportunity that Byx opened for me led me to leave a former career and join Byx team as a senior product engineer.
    My passion is Road and Triathlon bikes and i am a UCI qualified bike fitter. I always love sharing my expertise with customers and giving a good advice.

  • David
    Shop Manager BT

    I have been involved in cycling operations for many years. I am a passionate cyclist and joined Byx recently to build and promote the new shop in Bukit Timah hill. I am striving to provide an outstanding and friendly customer service to all our customers, I wish to see the shop becoming a meeting point for cyclists in Bukit Timah MTB trails and for roadies on the Upper Bukit Timah PCN. In the shop we try to foster a different atmosphere, and promote ourselves as being a unique meeting point and service center to all cyclists. 

  • Sylvia
    Bike Retail Specialist

    I am a passionate MTB and extreme sports enthusiast. I like challenging myself and enjoy the outdoors. I ride whenever I have free time and i try to share my enthusiasm with our visitors and customers. In Byx I am in charge of retail operations, making sure the latest and best variety of products are waiting for you on our shelves. I wish to see cycling in general and mountain biking in particular expanding even more in Singapore.  I find our new shop in Bukit Timah hill a perfect location to promote the sport and welcome any customers to join us for a test ride in the trails and experience this amazing sport.

About our company

  • Byx Bicycles
    What we’re essentially about

    Byx is established upon the passion of a group of cycling enthusiasts to promote cycling and bicycle in a unique way. We act under the banner of providing a unique purchase and service experience to our customers. We are committed to becoming a hub for cycling enthusiasts, providing the highest level of service and outstanding products at fare prices.

    We promote cycling for healthy lifestyle, family and community activities and as a viable green solution to road congestion and pollution in Singapore and elsewhere.

    We put an emphasis on customer experience, operating in pleasant and centrally located shops that foster welcoming atmosphere with the intent to become a meeting point for riders.

    We are qualified bike mechanics. We take pride in our profession and we try to ever improve and excel in our service. We equipped our workshops with state of the art tools to be able to provide the best craftsmanship. 

    We have chosen to represent leading brands not only because of their uncompromising product quality but also thanks to their customer orientation and passion to the sport.

  • Going Green
    We care about the environment

    01. We use energy saving air conditions and operate them on low energy mode.

    02. We use strictly LED energy saving lighting. They cost more but consume 60-70% less energy. We built showers in our shops, to allow customers working in the area to cycle to work and use showers on the way.

    03. We commit to contribute 1% of the company profit to environmental cause.

    04. We employ a courier service that utilizes bicycle. We encourage you to try.

    05. We prioritize RoHS compliant products

    06. We provide Park’n Ride facility to allow people to park their bike and use public transportation to and from our locations.

    07. We rent bikes to promote green tourism.