• The world’s first (and probably) only full suspension gravel bike. Full bike starts from S$7,000

    MCR 9 RDO Niner
  • A lightweight gravel bike with all the mounts needed for that epic bikepacking experience. Full bike starts from S$4,500.

    RLT 9 RDO Niner
  • Available in both steel and aluminium, the RLT 9 shares all thee traits of its carbon sibling but at a more accessible price. Full bike starts from S$3,500.

    RLT 9 Niner




  • A 170mm long travel Enduro bike that will slay any singletrack yet ascend with Niner’s signature CVA suspension efficiency. Full bike starts from S$7,200.

    WFO 9 RDO Niner
  • Niner’s flagship trail bike that has ruled their off-road line-up for the past decade with their signature CVA suspension. Full bike starts from S$6,600.

    29” and 27.5”

    RIP 9 RDO Niner
  • Merging XC efficiency with trail bike capability, the JET 9 RDO is our favorite “Do it all” MTB. Full bike starts from S$6,200.

    JET 9 RDO Niner Teal/Slate, Licorice
  • A “trail-country” full suspension bike equipped with Niner’s signature CVA suspension on a “pedaling-friendly” carbon frame. Full bike starts from S$5,700.

    RKT 9 RDO Niner
  • Light and bright, the AIR 9 RDO is Niner’s signature hardtail that rules the racecourse. Full bike starts from S$4,200.

    AIR 9 RDO Niner